Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Awesome Owl Rolls & Box Tops for Education!

Owls are always a favorite topic here, and my kids were beyond delighted when they saw that we were having owl rolls for lunch!  As an added bonus, we made them with our Box Tops for Education biscuits!!

These adorable owls were super easy to make!  After I made the first set, the kids saw them and wanted to help make another set.  We had tons of fun putting them together...and eating them!

To make your own little owls, you will need four ingredients:

* PillsburyTM Grands!TM Flaky Layers Biscuits
* ham
* carrots
* mini chocolate chips

To put your owl rolls together, follow these six steps:

1- Cook the biscuits according to the package directions.  Ours only took 14 minutes!

2- Cut the biscuits in half.  Leave the bottom half alone.

3- Use the top half to cut out wings and eyes.  I cut the wings with a knife and used a 1/2 Tablespoon measuring spoon to cut the eyes by pressing the spoon into the roll until it cut the roll.

4-  Use a glass cup to cut a circle out of the ham.  Use about 1/4 of the ring around the edge for feathers.  Cut a few feathers in the ham.

5-  Assemble your owl!  Place the ham on top of the bottom roll.  Add the eyes, feathers, and wings.  Cut a beak from a carrot and press mini chocolate chips into the eyes for pupils!

6-  Serve up your delicious little owls for lunch or a snack!!

Aren't they adorable!  They would work great with a fall theme, an owl theme, a bird theme, or just for fun!

I was even more excited than normal to make these little owls because we used our Walmart Bonus Box Tops Pillsbury Biscuits!

Only Walmart has specially marked bonus box tops where each box top counts as five normal box tops!  Look for the "5 Box Tops" label to find participating products, including these biscuits, Totino'sTM Pizza Roll Snacks, Betty CrockerTM Specialty Potatoes, FiberOneTM Chewy Bars, CheeriosTM, and many, many more!  Learn more about the Box Tops for Education program at Walmart HERE!

Then remember to send the box tops to school with your kiddos, or your friends' kiddos, so the school can cash them in for money to buy supplies and equipment!  As a former teacher, I love any program that puts more money in the hands of educators.  I feel like anything that helps our public schools out helps our communities!  And, as I mentioned in my last post for Box Tops for Education, a lot of homeschoolers work with schools that are also part of the Box Tops program!

Are you new to Box Tops for Education, or have you used the program before?  I'd love to know!  And if you make our little owls, I'd love to see a picture!!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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