Thursday, September 10, 2015

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K is for Keys Preschool Sensory Activity!

K is for Keys!  This fun preschool sensory activity kept our kiddos entertained for a long time...and they couldn't wait to play again the next day!

Besides being a fun "Letter K" activity, this sensory bin can also be used to develop the small muscles necessary for fine motor skills like writing, creativity, and early science skills like exploration, problem solving, and experimentation!

To make your own "K is for Keys" sensory bin, you will need the these

Simple Supplies:

* play dough
* a variety of keys

I got lucky when I went to Lowe's and found a set of blank keys on clearance, but you can also check other hardware stores and Amazon for keys.

Easy How To:

Place all the supplies in a bin or on a table.  Let your kiddos investigate and get to work!

We had all sorts of experiments happening!  Squishing the play dough and making key prints were first:

Hiding or burying the keys was also really popular!

There are SO many different ways your kiddos can explore and experiment with keys and play dough!  My favorite may have been the "snake that ate three birds":

Do you or your preschoolers have a favorite "Letter K" activity?  What about a favorite play dough activity?  I'd love to see it!!

This post is also part of Alphabet Sensory Activities series, hosted by the Jenny Evolution.  You can find a sensory activity for each letter of the alphabet here!!

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