Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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Mummy Preschool Craft

What do you do when you're learning about ancient Egypt and don't want to make a real mummy?  Make a mummy craft, of course!

We have been talking about ancient Egypt for almost a month in our history lessons.  One of the most fascinating aspects of ancient Egypt is the mummifying process.  We are lucky enough that we have even seen real mummies from Egypt in our science museum here in Houston!

In the past, we have "mummified" apples, but this time we wanted an activity that could be completed in under 20 minutes because we were sharing it with other families in our homeschool group.  We decided on making these cute mummies instead of a doing a lab that could take over a week.

Making these mummies was the perfect activity!  Kids from preschool age up to nine had a great time designing their own mummies and gluing them together!  To make your own, you will need these

Simple Supplies:

* plastic spoons

* wiggly eyes

* torn fabric (We used white and cream colored cotton and tore it in about 2" - 3" wide strips.)

* hot glue gun and glue (We use the "low temperature" glue guns.)

Easy How-To:

There are a number of ways to make these little guys.  I actually just made one and set it up on the table as an example surrounded by the supplies and the kids took over!  My preschoolers are very adept with hot glue guns, but they have been using them for some time.  If this is your first experience with them, make sure to give your kids some practice time with the glue gun and a spare spoon.

Most of our kids followed these steps:

1- Put a pile of glue on the round spoon top, stick it onto the torn cloth, and wrap the "mummy."  Add more glue at the end to secure the cloth.

2-  Glue wiggly eyes to the mummy!  A lot of the kids buried one of the eyes in fabric, and a few were more creative with their eyes.  We even had one "alien mummy" with the eyes in crazy places!

That's it!  Super easy and loads of fun!

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