Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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{FREE} Letter V Animal Alphabet Dots Printable!

Are you ready for the next Animal Alphabet Dots Printable?!!

Today I'm sharing the next {FREE} Animal Alphabet dots page: V is for Vampire Bat!

You can download it {FREE} by clicking HERE!

I have loads of fun ideas for ways to use the dot pages and the entire Animal Alphabet Dots Collection here!

And, since it's fun to talk about the animals as you work with them, here are...

5 Vampire Bat Fun Facts:

1-  Vampire bats weigh about the same as two pennies and are about eight inches long!

2-  Sometimes a well-fed vampire bat will regurgitate blood for another bat (especially a new mom) who needs food!

3-  Vampire bats have special heat sensors on their noses that help them find food!

4-  Vampire bats are nocturnal!

5-  Baby vampire bats, like other mammal babies, nurse.  After they are about three months old, they drink only blood (usually from cows or horses)!

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