Monday, November 23, 2015

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{FREE} Letter J Animal Alphabet Dots Printable!

Guess what?  I have the next Animal Alphabet Dots Printable for you!!

Today I'm sharing the next {FREE} Animal Alphabet dots page:  J is for Jellyfish!

You can download it {FREE} by clicking HERE!

I have loads of fun ideas for ways to use the dot pages and the entire Animal Alphabet Dots Collection here!

And, since it's fun to talk about the animals as you work with them, here are...

5 Jellyfish Fun Facts:

1-  Some jellyfish are bigger than humans while others are smaller than a pencil top eraser!

2-  Jellyfish were on the Earth before dinosaurs!

3-  Jellyfish do not have a brain!

4-  Many jellyfish have stinging cells on their tentacles called nematocysts!

5-  Jellyfish eat very small plants and animals!

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