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Chemistry for Kids: Ghost Slime Experiment!

Ghost slime! You guys! I was going to wait until October to share this chemistry project, but we had so much fun with this science project that I had to share it now! You can use it again as a Halloween science experiment too--it is one science experiment that preschoolers and older kids will love doing twice anyway!

A few weeks ago we made Brown Bear Slime. While the kids were playing with the clear, transparent slime, it occurred to me that this would make amazing "ghost slime!" And since we had all the slime supplies, I suggested we try making ghost slime as they finished playing with their Brown Bear Slime. And, of course, they were excited to give it a try! I did ask if they wanted to wait until Halloween, and they said, "NO!" Of course, lol!

Halloween Science Experiment

Ghost Slime

To make ghost slime, you need:

* 1 teaspoon borax  (I put an affiliate link for this at the end of the post too, but you can probably get it locally for about $4.00.)
* 1/4 cup warm water
* 1 bottle clear school glue  (I put in an affiliate link at the end of this post!)
* water
* wiggly eyes

Easy How To:

1- Do not get borax in your mouth (or your kids' mouths). It is toxic. If it gets in someone's mouth, call poison control. Obviously if you can't keep slime out of your kids' mouths and other body parts, you should wait until they're a little older to make this with them! Like everything on this site, this activity is meant to be done with close adult supervision!
2- Borax can irritate skin! You can let children wear gloves or play with the slime in a plastic bag to protect their skin.

1- Mix the borax in the warm water and set this aside. I use a plastic disposable cup.

2- Dump the clear school glue into a (not-for-food) mixing bowl. Fill the glue bottle up with warm water and dump that in too. Mix these two completely.

3- Dump a handful of wiggly eyes into the glue/water mixture. Honestly...I love this part! It makes everyone giggle a little!

4- Carefully pour the borax into the glue/water mixture. Mix it all well. After a minute, you will need to use your hands to knead it all together. It will stop being sticky and hold together really well quickly. If you want it to "flow" more, start with less borax in the beginning. I took all these pictures with this ratio--it works really well for kids because it flows if you're patient, but it holds together pretty well if you work with it!

Do you love slimes? They are a great sensory and science activity! I share some fun details about slime science here (as well as a recipe for sparkly slime!) and an even easier "cornstarch slime" recipe here!

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Unknown said...

How much slime does this make?
Enough for 21 to bring a ziplock bag of slime home?
If not, how many batches do i need to make?

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Hi Kate! It's easily enough for 2 kids, but if I wanted to give a zip lock bag to 21, I'd probably 10 times it. ;)