Friday, November 13, 2015

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Here's a Quick Candy Science Experiment!

I love how fast and easy this science experiment is to set up and the fun science connections you can make on so many levels!!  I also love how quickly this science project uses up candy that seems to build up super fast this time of year!

To be honest, every year I am motivated to do dissolving candy labs because of the copious amounts of candy floating around everywhere!  If you haven't seen our two candy cane labs, you should definitely check them out here and here!  Anyway, on to the Dissolving Skittles Lab!

This quick candy experiment needs the following

Simple Supplies:

* skittles
* warm water in a shallow pan
* toothpicks (optional)

Easy How To:

1- Discuss supplies and hypotheses.  What do you think skittles are made from?  What do you think will happen when they soak in the water?

Based on their experience in the past, my kids thought the "color would come off the candy" as it sat in the water.  They were impressed with how fast it happened!

2- Let your kiddos place the skittles in the water, in whatever spots they choose!

3- Watch what happens!  Talk about it, draw it in a science journal.  Can you "catch" an "s" on a toothpick?  After the skittle candies are made, they are finished off with a colored sugar layer and stamped with an "s."  The "s" and the color separates off pretty quickly.  The skittles will continue to dissolve.

4- Extensions!  Do you have any other candy that you think will dissolve the same way?  Test it out!

This candy experiment is perfect for preschoolers and other children!  Older children can enjoy it too!!  With older children you can use it to talk about physical reactions (dissolving), solute, solvent, polarity of water, and water as a universal solvent!

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