Saturday, December 19, 2015

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Leap TV Review: Active Learning & Fun from LeapFrog!

Would you love a game system that is tons of fun, educational (specifically for kids 3-8 years old), and keeps your kiddos moving while they play?  Then you will love LeapFrog's Leap TV!

One of our biggest challenges during cold, wet weather is finding engaging educational ways to use the TONS of energy that comes bursting out of my children all day long.  They like to play computer games, but if they spend very much time holding still, they start to go stir-crazy.  This is the biggest reason I love the LeapTV: You need to be standing and moving to play the games!

As a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador, I received a Leap TV to review and share as I see fit.  And I'm excited to tell you...we all love it!!  My kids were so excited about it that they pulled it out of its packaging without me!  They have loved everything LeapFrog has made, and could not wait to try out a game system with their favorite characters!  And me?  I love it too!  Here are my top 6 favorite aspects of the Leap TV:

1- The games use physical motion and energy!

2- The games are very popular themes!  Our kids love Elsa, monster machines, and art!  Seriously, who wouldn't want to learn numbers and letters with Elsa?!!

3- The games adapt to your child's level, and lets multiple players engage on their own levels!

4- You can run the system on a TV or computer!

5- The system sets up and links with your LeapFrog account in just minutes!  Fast and easy!

6- You can choose from over 100 educational LeapFrog game cartridges or downloads!  Pick what your kiddo is working on, and let them play their way through it!

Bonus!!  This year (December 2015) the Leap TV is on sale for more than half off!  It is a "prime" item on Amazon AND available locally in stores like Wal-Mart!

When you buy Leap TV, the system comes with a console, camera and mount, transforming controller and wrist band, AC power adaptor, 6 foot long HDMI cable, 6 foot long camera cord, 16GB memory (you know your kids will be taking pictures of themselves!), a wi-fi port for downloading games, and the pre-loaded game Pet Play World (great for problem solving, math, reading, science, and more)!!  You can always buy more games and controllers for very reasonable prices too!

And the drawbacks?  I really haven't encountered any yet!  It does require the use of "screen time," but I am an advocate of letting your kids become screen experts--they live in a technology world and need to be comfortable with it.  But that may be a discussion for another day!

Have you tried Leap TV?  I'd love to hear about your experiences!!

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