Monday, February 15, 2016


7 Lessons I Learned from Coloring on Walls (Crayon Process Art)

I am 3-years old.  I am a preschooler.  I learn all sorts of things when I color on walls!

I hear "No" a lot.

But sometimes they say "Yes!"

The day they told me I could color on a wall with crayons, I learned a ton!  They called it process art.  I called it fun.

And I learned that...

#1-  My hand tires out when I hold crayons in some positions faster than in others.

#2- I can make a stronger line if I push hard on the crayon.

#3- If I push too hard on a crayon, it breaks.  Physics.

#4- Crayons work in all directions.

#5- When I drop the crayons, they fall to the ground.  More physics.

#6- I am happy when I color!

#7- The more I color, the smaller the crayon gets.

#8-  Crayons go on paper.  But sometimes walls can be paper too!
Disclosure: the wall was covered in paper.

Ooops, that was eight, not seven!  And there's still one more bonus lesson I learned from coloring on walls...

It's more fun with a friend!


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Jen Walshaw said...

Colouring on the vertical is so key for kids and my boys always loved it.

Samantha said...

What fun! We did a similar activity too! And my son enjoyed it!

Adventures of Adam said...

Love it! This is one activity my three year old is yet to do. I bet it wont be long though! Pinned and clipped.

Tina said...

Vertical writing definitely has some benefits for young kids, aside from it being lots of fun! :)

Unknown said...

It's something about those crayons that draws you in and you have to color on everything. Then you have the wall and it's all pretty and white. You just have to write your little characters all over it. I am going to use this as an expressive technique when my Shenrys are upset and need to calm down. Just draw it out and it will help you feel better.