Monday, February 8, 2016

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LEGO Engineering Preschool Challenge 1 (STEM): Cars

This LEGO Engineering STEM Preschool Challenge kept our crew busy for almost an hour!

First they worked on the challenge--making their own creations.  Then they made more variations.  Then they played with their masterpieces!

This challenge incorporates three of the four STEM components (science, engineering, and math) just by building.  You could easily add the last component (technology) by letting them drive their cars down a ramp and timing how long they continue to drive.  You could also let them make videos of their cars with a smart phone or camera.

I've always considered physics and engineering branches of science.  As your children work through this challenge, they are engaging loads of science processing skills, including questioning, observing, hypothesizing, experimenting, analyzing, problem solving, and evaluating.  They are using math skills like measuring, comparing, adding, and subtracting.  And, they are doing it on a level that is precisely adapted to their capabilities because they are leading the construction themselves!  At the same time, they are gaining confidence that they can be successful creators and problem solvers!

You can present this challenge to your children as the morning begins or set it up in a classroom as a science center. Or you could set out the LEGOS and see if they create the challenge themselves!

What is the challenge?

Build a car with LEGOS.

Older children may be ready for a bigger challenge:

Build a car that moves.

Or bigger still, build a car that moves by itself!

Give them the LEGOS  (which, in our case, is a giant LEGO / Mega Bloks combo bin!) and let them get started!

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