Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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Preschool Rainbow Grid Game

Rainbows, dice, spring, counting, number recognition, multi-sensory, and more! This little grid game packs a ton of learning fun into one simple activity!

My kids love spring, rainbows, and dice, but we haven't made a grid game for a while.  This week's dice theme seemed like the perfect excuse to make a new one!

Grid games are a fun way to teach or reinforce counting, number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, addition, and digitizing skills.  Use this game with a rainbow or spring theme!

To play, simply roll the dice (use only one die if you're working with younger kids), add or count up the dots, and cover that many objects on your grid game.  Since we are using a rainbow theme, we placed "clouds" (cottonballs) on each rainbow we needed to cover.  You could also use coins, torn paper, cheerios, counters, or any other small object to cover the items on a grid game!

We like to print one for each child and play until everyone "wins" by covering up all the rainbows on the grid!

I've included two rainbow grid games for you--one for younger preschoolers or kiddos with a very short attention span (it only has 16 rainbows) and one for slightly older preschoolers (with 25 rainbows)!

Click HERE to get your {FREE} Preschool Rainbow Grid Game!!

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