Monday, March 28, 2016

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{FREE} Letter Y Animal Alphabet Dots Printable!

Wow...there's only one Animal Alphabet Dots Printable left!!

This is another one of my favorites...just check out that adorable yak!
Today I'm sharing the next {FREE} Animal Alphabet dots page: Y is for Yak!

You can download it {FREE} by clicking HERE!

I have loads of fun ideas for ways to use the dot pages and the entire Animal Alphabet Dots Collection here!

And, since it's fun to talk about the animals as you work with them, here are...

5 Yak Fun Facts:

1-  Male yaks can weigh over 2000 pounds!

2-  Wild yaks have long, thick fur that lets them swim in nearly freezing water and survive in -40 degree Celcius weather!

3-  Males and female yaks both have horns, though the male's horns are bigger!

4-  Wild yaks live in herds with 10-100 animals!

5-  Mother yaks take care of babies for about one year!

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