Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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Here is a Quick Inspired-by-Dr. Seuss Thunder Science Experiment

Here is a quick thunder science experiment inspired by Dr. Seuss's fun book, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?! The kids had so much fun with this science project, and yours will, too!

Thunder is made by sound waves rushing toward each other as huge cloud fronts are torn apart by lightning.  First lightning strikes.  That lightning superheats the air and increases the pressure around it, which makes the air expand so quickly it creates a (very loud) sound wave!  

Today we're modeling that process with our own thunder science experiment!  It's an incredibly simple process, but it always takes a few tries to get it to work!  You will need a paper bag (though plastic also works just takes a little more precision!) and your hands.  That's all!

First, blow up the bag and pinch the top to "catch" the air.  This is the tricky part, and may take a couple paper bags to get it right.  If you're not careful (and maybe even if you are), it is easy to pop a hole in the bottom of the bag by forcing the air down.  Once you have a hole, you need to grab a bag and start over.  Once you "catch" the air, it should look like this:

Then get a friend (or turn the bag sideways) to "pop" the bag.  You should hear the air "pop" as it escapes the bag!  You will also hear the sound of hands on the bag, but that's not the pop you're listening for!

And...POP!  Your own thunder sound!

You can expand your thunder experiment by letting your kiddos use different types of bags.  Gallon sized sandwich baggies are awesome! Ask your kids what other variables can you introduce or change?

This activity is inspired by Dr. Seuss's Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?  In this fanciful story Mr. Brown makes all sorts of fantastic sounds, including the Boom! of thunder!

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Trisha @ Inspiration Laboratories said...

What a fun experiment! I love the idea of testing different bags.