Friday, March 25, 2016

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Preschool Butterfly Songs

Spring is in full swing, and we are singing our butterfly songs at preschool time, in the car, and everywhere in between!

Whenever we go to the science museum, the kids always want to go into the "butterfly habitat," and ever time, they hope that a butterfly will land on them!

Odds are pretty good -- there are a lot of butterflies in the exhibit -- but, these butterfly songs are a guaranteed butterfly encounter!  At, least, a guaranteed imaginary one!!

These three songs are easy to sing, easy to remember, and easy to use with hand motions!  Using them as finger plays reinforces the concepts and adds an element of coordination to the song.  My youngest preschoolers love making a little caterpillar with their fingers and "tucking him in" on the leaf!

The first and last butterfly songs reinforce the butterfly life cycle and the middle song reviews numbers and a butterfly's favorite food: nectar!

I have plans to make little videos for each of these, but it hasn't happened yet--check back soon!  In the meantime, the melodies are well-known.  I hope you enjoy them!!

Preschool Butterfly Songs:

The Eencie Weensie Caterpillar
Author Unknown
Tune: The Eencie Weensie Spider

The eencie weensie caterpillar climbed up on a leaf.

She made a chrysalis and then she fell asleep.
While she was sleeping she dreamed that she could fly.
When she awoke, she was a butterfly!

Butterfly Food
By Carla at Preschool Powol Packets
Tune: 1,2 Buckle My Shoe

1, 2, Nectar for you!
3, 4, Find some more!
5, 6, Plants by sticks!
7, 8, Nectar is great!
9, 10 Let's eat again!

Caterpillar Likes to Crawl
By Carla at Preschool Powol Packets
Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb

Caterpillar likes to crawl, likes to crawl, likes to crawl!
While she crawls she finds some food, and then she eats it all!

Why do you like to eat all day, eat all day, eat all day?
So I can be a butterfly, and then fly away!

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