Friday, April 1, 2016


Corduroy's Button Sensory Bin & Fine Motor Fun

Here's a very quick-to-set-up sensory bin that exercises fine motor skills and is inspired by Corduroy!

I love sensory play because it gives my super high-energy kids a chance to calm down and relax while still getting loads of sensory input.  And in this case, they get a fine motor activity too!

To set up this sensory bin, simply dump a bunch of buttons into a pan and add a few pipecleaners (or fuzzy sticks, as we like to call them)!

I never tell my kids what to do with a sensory bin, but they always figure out the best ideas!  They only played with the buttons for a few moments before beginning to string them onto the pipecleaners.

After stringing buttons on pipecleaners for a while, they started making their own "projects."  One turned into a "hanging decoration" and another into a necklace.

Next time, I think I will add some measuring cups, spoons, and rulers, and see what happens!

This sensory bin was inspired by Corduroy, this month's Virtual Book Club book!

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In the story, Corduroy is missing a little white button.  We were lucky enough to have a pack of white buttons, but you could use any color you want!

You can also create a whole Corduroy-themed unit with these great ideas from the Virtual Book Club:

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Teddy Bear Picnic Dessert Idea by The Educators' Spin On It
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Button Hop - A Movement Game for Toddlers by Inspiration Laboratories
Corduroy Math: Learning with Buttons by I Can Teach My Child

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Trisha @ Inspiration Laboratories said...

This is a great way to work on fine motor skills!

Growing Book by Book said...

Such a fun idea for building fine motor skills.

Unknown said...

I love button sensory bins!

Kim Vij said...

Such a fun item to use for sensory play and fine motor skills. Off to go find our button box to use with this book.