Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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Recycled Crafts and Projects for Kids!

Earth Day is coming up, and that is always a fun reminder of all the exciting things we can do that use recycled materials!

I've collected more than 20 crafts, activities, and experiments that we've done that use recycled materials like egg cartons, newspapers, toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls, water bottles, and cardboard.  You can use these ideas exactly as we did, or change them up to suit your schedule.  For example, we made a Fall Wreath on a cardboard base, but you can use the cardboard base for a Spring Wreath or even a themed wreath...imagine how fun an Ocean Wreath would be!  (I think we might just have to do that!)

And the best part?  You can use these recycled materials activities to celebrate Earth Day, or you can use them any time of the year!  My daughter likes to remind us that "every day is Earth Day!"

I've sorted them by the type of recycled material you can use for each activity!

Made with Egg Cartons:

Plant Seeds in DIY Biodegradable Planters
Egg Carton Ladybugs & Ladybug Fun Facts (pictured)
Peek-a-Boo Penguin!
Egg Carton Bats

Made with Newspapers:

Spider Pinata (pictured)
Ladybug Pinata (pictured)

Made with Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Rolls:

Paper Towel Roll Snowmen (pictured)
Marshmallow Fireworks Launcher (pictured)
Turkey Bowling (You can use other themes too!) (pictured)

Made with empty Water Bottles:

Balloon Science Experiment (pictured)
Bird Feeder (pictured)
Elephant Toothpaste (pictured)
Bubble Rainbow Science
Jellyfish & Ocean Model (actually used empty Gatorade bottle) (pictured)
Bubbly Brew Science Experiment
Frozen "Halloween" Bubbles (actually used empty 2-liter bottle)

Made with Cardboard:

Weather Science Experiment: Warm & Cold Fronts (pictured)
Engineering Challenge: Candy Solar System
EASY Pirate Swords
Preschool Fall Wreath (You can use other themes too!)
Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Craft (pictured)

I may share at any of these parties!

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