Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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Teach Preschoolers Fractions

Learning fractions is so yummy!!  It's super easy to teach preschoolers fractions with food...and if you have older kids, they can join in too!

All my kids begin to learn about fractions as soon as they begin eating table food.  It is SO easy to teach fractions as part of snack time!

The secret is to use fractions as part of your regular vocabulary.  I use it when I cut snacks into bite-sized pieces.  Our two favorites are peanut butter and jelly on tortillas and quesadillas (not at the same time, lol)!

It works best to introduce fractions two at a time.

For example:

When you start your snack, place a whole peanut butter tortilla in front of your children.  Ask, "Do you want your snack cut in half or in quarters?"

Once it is cut, ask them if they want "one quarter, two quarters, three quarters, or four quarters."  Or, "one eighth, two eighths, or three eights?"  Or whatever else you used!

Once you know they understand halves and quarters, give them two other choices.  Ask, "Do you want your snack cut in quarters or eighths?" or "Do you want your snack cut into thirds or fourths/quarters?"  As a side note, I like to use both "fourths" and "quarters" because they are words that your kids will encounter frequently.  Plus, if they know that fourths and quarters are the same thing, they will grasp coin/money concepts quicker.

You can use bite-sized snacks to introduce all sorts of school topics!  Check out these other great teaching ideas with snack food:

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I may share at any of these parties!

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Niki - Play & Learn Every Day said...

Of course, what a fab idea! I'm definitely going to start talking fractions at meal times with the kids :)