Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Colored Light Science Experiment

Light is the perfect experiment tool for preschoolers...and older kids too!

We are surrounded by light!  As young as infants, babies are fascinated by light and dark objects.  As they grow older, their curiosity about light only increases!  You can feed this curiosity by letting your kiddos experiment with light.  This is super easy if you just have a flashlight!  If you don't, you can grab one for as little as a dollar.  If you're in a classroom, grab a set so (at the least) your kids can experiment in groups of 2-4.  Other fun (but optional) supplies include mirrors, clear colored plastic, colored tissue paper, and colored balloons.

I start out by turning out the lights and shining a flashlight around.  Look at the shadows and wave the light on the ceiling or floor.  See if your kids can "catch" the light as you move it around!

Then show them how the light passes through some things and not others.  Ask what happens when it passes through colored objects.  Then show your kiddos the objects they're allowed to experiment with, pass out the flashlights, and let them get to work!  Be sure to review any rules you feel are necessary--usually we need to talk about not shining light in people's eyes.

My kids can experiment with flashlights for over an hour!  When they're done, let them tell you their favorite part or what they saw (observed)!

For more flashlight learning fun, check out this Summer Skies Flashlight Constellations activity!

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