Friday, May 27, 2016

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Dinosaur Nest Challenge (Outdoor STEM)

This is another dinosaur themed activity in my no-prep series this summer!  And, it also happens to be a super fun STEM challenge!

As I planned activities that would take "no-prep," I allowed for anything I could do while I maintained the attention of my kiddos.  This basically amounted to about 30 seconds of time to pull 1-3 supplies out of a cupboard or turn on a song!  None of these activities require advanced preparation of materials...and this activity requires nothing more than time for instructions!

So what are the instructions?  To build a Dinosaur Nest!  Let your kiddos choose their tools and the dinosaur they are building for--it could be a big one or a little one!  If you don't have a yard where they can grab grass, sticks, mud, and dig holes, take them to a forest, beach, or park and let them get to work!

Science concepts: dinosaurs, appropriate size, cohesion and adhesion of mud and other supplies, problem solving/scientific reasoning

Technology ideas: shovels, rulers, funnels

Engineering concepts:  building process, completing a project

Math concepts:  relative size, (optionally) quantitative size

And, of course, when your kids are done building their nest, take all your little "dinosaurs" and play in it!  Lots of evidence shows that some dinosaurs were great mothers!

What goes with a dinosaur nest?  Dinosaur eggs of course!  Check out our ice dinosaur eggs and fizzing dinosaur eggs!

This activity is part of my no-prep dinosaur series!  You can see the first one (Dinosaur Stomp) here!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for more!

I am also sharing this outdoor STEM project as part of the 31 Days of Outdoor STEM hosted by Little Bins for Little Hands!  There are TONS of great ideas in this project!!

I may share at any of these parties!

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