Tuesday, May 10, 2016

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Preschool Science: Flower Investigation

No set-up time? Check! Perfect for young kiddos? Check! Engaging, inquiry-filled science fun? Double check!

Okay, you might actually need a whole minute to pull out your magnifying glasses, paper, and crayons.  But that is all the set up you need!

There are so many things I love about this science activity!  Here are a few:

1- It's child-directed.  Your children aren't trying to find the answer you've decided is right.  They're leading the investigation!

2- Your kiddos are learning to use tools and manipulate objects that require fine motor skills.

3- You kiddos are learning about the natural world!

4- It provides a context for more factual information later OR you can teach about flower parts while you investigate the flowers!  (Just in case you're interested, I'm including a reference picture below!)

5- This activity includes science, large/gross motor movement, fine motor skills, inquiry, math, and more! Use it with adjustments for whatever spring or summer learning goals you have!

Here is a quick step-by-step, but you can easily make adjustments to target whatever learning goals you're working on!  (Click here to learn about planning a child-led curriculum!)

1- Go on a walk and let each child pick three (or any other number!) flowers.

2- Ask them what parts they see on the flowers.

3- Give them the magnifying glasses and ask how it makes the flowers look different.  Let them explore the flowers (and anything else they want) with the magnifying glasses!

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