Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Jellyfish Preschool Craft

Did you know that jellyfish do not have a heart, lungs, brain, bones, or blood?

They are actually more like coral than most other animals (including fish)!  Making these cute spotted and dotted jellyfish was a great chance to talk about these amazing and unique ocean animals!

The Australian spotted jellyfish actually has little white spots all over its pinkish-purple body, but we used do-a-dot markers to make any color spots you want!  There are hundreds of different species of jellyfish, and they come in almost every color!

To make your paper plate jellyfish, you will need paper plates, scissors, streamers, a stapler, and do-a-dot markers.

First make the "bell" shape by cutting the plate in half.  Staple as many tentacles (streamers) to the plate as you want, and finish by {the best part!} stamping do-a-dot paint markers all over the jellyfish body and tentacles!  If you don't have do-a-dot paint markers, you can always use any markers, paints, or stamps you do have!

Jellyfish tentacles range from under an inch long to over a hundred feet!  The lion's mane jellyfish can have tentacles over 120 feet long!  Obviously our preschool craft won't be this long, but I did let my kids cut the tentacles whatever size they wanted!

Then have your jellyfish swim around!!

Do your kids love do-a-dot markers?  Check out these great do-a-dot marker ideas:

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And JellyRisk has a wonderful jellyfish guide here!

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