Friday, June 17, 2016

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Kid-Made Patriotic Parfaits

My kids love food they make themselves so much more than anything I make them, so they were pretty excited about their own kid-made patriotic parfaits!

They also love to eat themed food, so making a patriotic treat to go with a patriotic lesson, craft, activity, or experiment went over really well!  (See below for our patriotic unit study!)

Before I called them, I pulled out our "castle cups," rinsed strawberries, rinsed mixed berries, and yogurt. Our grocery store was out of fresh blueberries, but the frozen mixed berry bag had loads of blueberries in themI like to use plain yogurt with either honey or stevia in it, so when I placed the yogurt on the table it was already sweetened and ready to go!

The kids layered the red, white, and blue (patriotic colors for us!) into their cup while we talked about the colors on our flag and what they represented.  It was a great reminder for the reason we have 13 stripes and how the first 13 colonies came together originally to start our country.

Voila!  Beautiful kid-made patriotic parfaits!  And the kids told me they were the perfect snack!

We are joining in with the Unit Study Bloggers to create a unit based on a patriotic theme today!  Be sure to check out all these other great additions to your own Patriotic Unit:

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