Monday, June 20, 2016

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Traditional Brazilian Kid Games

Since Brazil is hosting the Olympics this year, I thought it would be fun to try a few games that kids in Brazil might play!

My kids are already huge fans of soccer, the most popular game (for kids and adults) in Brazil! The Portuguese word for soccer is "futebol," which sounds a lot like "football! Kids will play it in organized leagues and just as groups of kids in the schoolyard or neighborhood. You can play it with a whole team or as few as two kids--one on each "team." Most kids have a favorite professional team and players!

Other games you've probably already tried that kids in Brazil play too include checkers, jump rope, and card games.

Here is a game that may be new to you. It is called Queimada (which means "burned" in Portuegese). It is similar to dodge ball in America. To play queimada, follow these steps:

1- Divide into two teams: Team 1 & Team 2.

2- Set up the field: Divide the field in half, one side for each team. Behind Team 1's side is a "cemetery" for Team 2 and behind Team 2's side is a "cemetery" for Team 1. 

3- One player from each time starts in the cemetery. The rest start on their sides.

4- Toss a coin or draw straws to decide who starts.

5- The player in the "cemetery" starts the game by throwing the ball in to his/her team (on the opposite side of the field). This gives the other team a chance to intercept!  Whoever catches the ball throws it at the players on the other team. Anyone who gets hit by the ball "dies" and goes to the "cemetery."  

6- The winning team is the last team with players outside the cemetery.

7- After the game ends you can play again or switch up the teams and then play again!

I hope you have fun with it...we're super excited to give it a try!

We're also joining up with some of our favorite kid bloggers to share learning and fun activities related to the Olympics this year!  You can see all the other ideas HERE--there are more than 50!!  This week everyone is focusing on activities related to Brazil since they are hosting the Olympics this summer!

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