Monday, June 13, 2016

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Zebra Art Project

Z is for a Preschool Paper Plate Zebra Art Project!  The Olympics are starting soon, and we've been doing different activities to get to know different parts of the world that are participating in the games. Zebras are one of many animals that live wild in South Sudan, a county with athletes competing in the Olympics for the first time this year!

South Sudan has only been a country for a few years, since 2011.  You can find it on a map in the middle of Africa.  Inside of South Sudan you can find grasslands, savannas, wetlands, floodplains, woodlands, and high altitude plateaus!  That's a lot of diversity in a small area!  Some of the animals that live there include lions, elephants, giraffes, buffalo, bongo, hogs, chimpanzees, monkeys, and...zebra!

Fun Fact: The plural form of "zebra" is "zebra!"

For our preschool zebra craft, I wanted to do something with the kids that they could do all by themselves...and still have it look like a zebra! We do a lot of process art (which we all love), but the kids get a lot of satisfaction out of a project that actually resembles something they know about. We actually experimented with several zebra projects before we found one that was the perfect skill level for all our kiddos and, wouldn't you know, it ended up being a paper plate zebra!

STEP 1:  Use black paint to draw stripes across the entire paper plate. This is wonderful fine motor exercise!

STEP 2:  Paint a big black nose on the face!

STEP 3:  Put some wiggly eyes on the face!

Step 4: Use white paint for a couple nostrils!

Step 5: Hang them up somewhere where they can be a great conversation starter! Everyone will want to know all about your preschool zebra craft because it's the most adorable zebra art project ever!  :)

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