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Ultimate Letter of the Week Resources

Whether you're looking for Letter of the Week ideas or just alphabetized preschool fun, you will have a blast learning with these activities, experiments, songs, books, snacks, and more!

Before we proceed, I have a confession.  I actually think that learning letters, letter sounds, and the alphabet is best done when it is integrated into thematic units that your kiddos are interested in and excited about.  Organzing a year by letter of the week themes works fine, but I think you will have more excited kids who learn better and retain more if you take those abc's and introduce them during thematic units.  For example, teach a unit on ladybugs because your kiddos love them and introduce the letter "l."  Or teach a rock unit if you have little rock-hounds and during that unit introduce the letter "r."  This is the best way to help your kids remember what they're learning and integrate it with other prior knowledge.

On the other hand, I realize there are programs that require letter of the week curriculum, parents who are looking for activities that all start with one letter, and many co-ops and groups that organize their year alphabetically.  And it does work.  I know many children who have learned the alphabet and letter sounds that way.  (I just think the other way is better.)  But since it is helpful and, in many cases, required, I am organizing hundreds of preschool activities by letter!

I truly hope you find this collection helpful.  I have put many, many hours into curating it for you, and I love all the crafts, science projects, experiments, worksheets/printables, songs, challenges, books, and other activities you will find here!  There is everything from language arts to math to science to history...and more!!

I would love to hear from you if you find it helpful or if you have any particular needs!  I am already working on adding to a few of the less-represented letters, and would love to focus on any specific needs you have!  Feel free to email me at, leave a comment, or visit any of my social media pages to the right!

Now...let's get on to the list!!

I sorted the activities by the first letter of one of the most relevant words.  Some activities could easily go for more than one letter, but I had to choose one for sorting purposes.  For example, Apple Bubble Science could have gone under A for "apple" or B for "bubble."  I put it under A (for apple), but you can use it on a B week or even S (for science)!  Feel free to rearrange as much as you like!

And now, I give you...

The Ultimate Letter of the Week Resources:

Atom Model - Edible: Chemistry for Kids

Brazilian Kid Games
Big, Big Bear Action Rhyme for Preschoolers
Brown Bear Slime
B is for Bear Dot Page {FREE}
Butterflies: Raising & Hatching Painted Ladies
Butterfly-Attracting Plants for Preschoolers
Butterfly Preschool Songs
Butterfly Craft
Butterfly Craft, Book, & Song
Bug Scavenger Hunt {FREE}
Block STEM Activity
Blocks for Reading
Bubble Sunflower Art
Bubble Rainbow Science
Bubble Spider Webs
Bubble Painting ~ St. Patrick's Day Art
Blood Model ~ Edible
Bridge STEM Challenge
Bat Science Experiments
Bird Feeders With Cheerios
Bird Feeders With Water Bottles
B Animals Book {FREE}
Bear Game {FREE}
Backyard Bird Cards {FREE}
Banana Bread Waffles
Bee Life Cycle Cards {FREE}
Bee Maze {FREE}
Balloon Experiment
Bagel Recipe
Blanket Service Project
Bead Name Hearts
Beaded Pumpkin
Button Christmas Tree Ornament
Button Snakes
Button Bracelet
Blow Dart Painting
Bats With Egg Cartons
Boy Who Cried Wolf {FREE Easy Reader}
Backyard Graph
Burping Bags Experiment
Bubbly Brew Experiment
Book {little} Making Tutorial

C is for Crab Dot Page {FREE}
Colored Light Experiment
Chalk Color Wheel
Catapult Challenge
Corduroy's Button Sensory Bin
Carrot Painting
Cars LEGO Engineering Challenge
Chocolate Play Dough ~ Edible
Chocolate Heart Science ~ Forms of Energy
Chocolate Chip Change {FREE} Math Game
Chocolate Sensory Lesson
Castle Math
Cat in the Hat Center of Gravity Science
Cat in the Hat Fruit Kabobs
Cat in the Hat Preschool Craft Sticks
Candy Experiment
Construction Sensory Table
Construction Race Letter & Number Game
Construction Truck Valentines {FREE} Printable
Construction Board Game {FREE}
Construction Truck Names & {FREE} Poster
Construction Puzzles for -and Word Family {FREE}
Construction Preschool Packet {Paid Product}
C Animals Book {FREE}
Coprolites With Salt Dough
Crayon Resist Heart Painting & Penguin in Love
Corn Sensory Bin
Cicada Fun
Confetti Suncatchers
Cotton Ball Sensory Bin
Candy Cane Bending Science
Candy Cane Science
Christmas Tree Inspired Painting
Christmas Which One is Different? Cards
Christmas Tree Ornament with Sandpaper
Christmas Ornament Craft
Christmas Cutting/Tracing {FREE}
Christmas Preschool Packet {Paid Product}
Cantaloupe Stars
C Letter Activities
Crab Craft
Chick Easter Eggs Coloring Page {FREE}
Cloud in a Bottle Demonstration
Columbus Day Puppets {FREE} Printables

D is for Dolphin Dot Page {FREE}
Dinosaur Action Songs & Rhymes for Preschoolers
Dinosaur Eggs: Preschool STEM
Dinosaur Nest Challenge (Outdoor STEM)
Dinosaur Watering Hole
Dinosaur Stomp
Dinosaur Activities from Virtual Book Club
Dinosaur Ice Egg Science
Dinosaur Fossils With DIY Sand Dough
Dinosaur Fizzing Claw
Dinosaur Tail Science
Dinosaur Land Play Mat
Dinosaur Footprints & More Dino Activities
Dinosaur Fizzing Eggs
Dinosaur Matching Packet {FREE}
Dinosaur Preschool Packet {Paid Product}
DisneyKids Preschool Playdate
Disney Cars Preschool Party
Dry Ice Rockets
Dry Ice Experiment: Catching a Gas & States of Matter
Dirt Sensory Bin
D Animals Book {FREE}
Dolphin Dots Number Pages
Dump Truck Valentine Template

E is for Elephant Dot Page {FREE}
Edible Igneous Rocks
Edible Scented Salt-free Rainbow Play Dough
Edible Scented Paints
Easter Basket Ideas with NO Candy
Easter Egg Hunt Game {FREE}
Egg Filler Ideas ~ NO Candy
Egg ~ Sparkle Painting
Egg Walking Science
Eggs with Crystals
Egg Counting Song
Elephant Toothpaste
Eiffel Tower STEM Challenge
Egyptian Pyramid
E Animals Book {FREE}
Electricity With Preschoolers
Experiment for Preschoolers ~ Awesome
Eruption With Alka Seltzer
Explosion ~ Sparkly
Explosion ~ Diet Coke & Mentos

F is for Fox Dot Page {FREE}
Flower Investigation
Fizzy Flower Sensory Dough
Floating Egg Experiment
Flower Grid Game
Fractions for Preschoolers
Fizzing Rocks: Experiment With Sedimentary Rocks
Fizzing Shamrocks
Farm Writing and/or Conversation Prompts
Fish Science Activity
Frozen Bubbles
Frosty Shaving Cream
Fall Leaves Coloring Page {FREE}
Fall Wreath Craft
Forest Animals Coloring Pages {FREE}
Frog Croaking Craft
Frog Memory {FREE}
Football Preschool Craft
Flag Count & Clip Cards {FREE}
Flag Cards {FREE}
Fingerprint Name Christmas Tree
Firetruck Cake
Fire in Different Colors

Galaxy Art & Science
Giraffe Flower Painting
Giraffe Science Experiment
G is for Gorilla Dot Page {FREE}
Gardening for Math Time
Garden With Edible Flowers
Green Eggs {Fizzing}
Green Eggs & Ham Lunch
Ghost Slime
Ghost Craft
Ghost Screaming Balloons
Ghost Balloons
Giant Ghost
Ghost Grid Game {FREE}
Ghost Pancakes & Song
Glowing Spider Webs
Groundhog Day Graph
Groundhog Day Snack
Green Art & Color Science
Greek Architecture (Ancient) STEM Challenge

H is for Hen Dot Page {FREE}
House LEGO Engineering Challenge
Handprint Flowers
Heart Name Puzzle With Craft Sticks
Hearts on Fire Experiment
Hearts Exploding Experiment
Hearts, Fizzy Exploding
Heart Math Activity {FREE}
Heart & Lungs
Hurricane Science Experiment
Hand Halloween Experiment
Halloween Hats Which One is Different Cards? {FREE}
Healthy Homemade "Ice-Cream"

I is for Iguana Dot Page {FREE}
Igneous Rocks Lesson
Ice Cube Igloo
Ice Painting
Ice Castle Science Play

J is for Jellyfish Dot Page {FREE}
Jellyfish Preschool Craft
J is for Jello ~ Sparkly, Fizzing Explosion

K is for Kangaroo Dot Page {FREE}
K is for Keys Sensory Activity
Kindness Tree
Kindness Challenge & MLKJ Quotes
K is for Kingfisher Science Fun
Kandinsky-Inspired Diamond Painting Color Studies

L is for Lion Dot Page {FREE}
Ladybugs with Buttons - Craft & Learning
Ladybug Life Cycle Cards {FREE}
Ladybug Craft With Egg Cartons
Ladybug Count & Clip Cards
Ladybug Math {FREE}
Ladybug Pinata
Ladybug Heart Valentine Card Craft
Ladybug Unit {Paid Product}
Land Art
Lava Lamp Science Activity
LEGO Ocean Game
Love Potions Science Experiment
Leak-Proof Bag
Llama Blanket Number Game
Leaf Collection & {FREE} Tree Identification Cards
Leaf Prints, Best Ever
Leaves Preschool Action Rhyme
Leaf Print Paintings
Leaf Report {FREE}
Leaves "I Can Count to 10" {FREE}
Leaf Prints
Lanterns Craft
Lantern Craft 2
Library Letters
Leaf Footed Bug Fun
Life-Sized Lincoln
Lion Craft With Candy Canes
Lemon Lesson & 5 Senses

M is for Mouse Dot Page {FREE}
Metamorphic Rocks Lesson {science & more!}
Marker Watercolors
Moon Phase Tracking Sheet {FREE}
Moon Science
Mummy Craft
Minion Easter Eggs
Magnetic Christmas Tree
Monarch Butterfly Fun
Marshmallow Fireworks
Maze ~ Life Size
Monster Melon Snack
Monster Preschool Packet {FREE for subscribers}
Monster Toss
Milk Fireworks
Mother's Day Printable {FREE}
Magnetic Flower Garden

N is for Narwhal Dot Page {FREE}
Name Decorating
Name in Bed Puzzles
Name Graph
Net Fishing Game
Nuts & Bolts Busy Bag
Nuts & Bolts More or Less Game
Nuts & Bolts Sculptures
Nuts & Bolts Sensory Bin
Nature Art

O is for Ostrich Dot Page {FREE}
Ocean Animals Shadow Matching Cards {FREE}
Ocean Plant & Animal Cards {FREE}
Ocean Animals I Can Count to 10 {FREE}
Ocean LEGO Game
Ocean Preschool Packet {Paid Product}
Ocean Count & Clip Cards {FREE}
Owl Rolls
Owl Finger Puppets & Rhyme
Outdoor Fort
Optical Illusion
Onion Science
Olympic High Jumps
Onion Growing With Preschoolers
Oobleck Song
Oobleck Recipe & More

Pinkalicious Foamy Color Mixing
Pet LEGO Engineering STEM Challenge
P is for Pig Dot Page {FREE}
Paintbrush Engineering STEM Challenge
Penguin Ice Cube Counting with LEGOS {FREE Printable}
Penguin Feather Science STEM Activity
Penguin Art Project
Penguin Science Experiments
Penguin Preschool Packet {Paid Product}
Penguins With Craft Sticks
Penguin Party {FREE Easy Reader}
Polar Bear Science Experiment
Polar Bear Fur Experiment
Polar Bear Preschool Packet {Paid Product}
Pumpkin Shapes
Pumpkin Explosion
Pumpkin Train Tunnel
Pumpkin Pie Counting Finger Play Rhyme
Pumpkin Rockets
Pumpkin Sensory Bin
Pumpkin Play Dough
Pumpkin Raisin Cookies
Pumpkins & Bubble Science
Pumpkin Hammering
Pumpkin Print Painting
Pumpkin Preschool Mazes {FREE}
Pumpkin Science for Preschoolers
Pumpkin Finger Rhyme & Felt Puppets
Pumpkin Decorating With Sidewalk Chalk
Pirate Treasure ~ Fizzing
Pirate Preschool Packet {Subscriber FREEBIE}
Pirate Patterns {FREE}
Pirate Sword
Penguin Ornament
Penguin Peek-a-Boo Craft
Pretzel Treat
Placemats Craft
Planet Preschool Science
Potato Bug Fun
Play Dough Print Painting
Planting Peas
Plants to Grow With Kids & an Object Lesson
Pinecone Experiments
Pom Pom Math
Pom Pom Craft
Patriotic Puffy Paint
Patriotic Parfaits - Kid Made
Poetry Unit {FREE}
Peanut Butter Play Dough ~ Edible

Q is for Quail Dot Page {FREE}
Q is for Quicksand Sensory Science

R is for Rabbit Dot Page {FREE}
Rainbow LEGO Challenge
Rainbow Fish Color Mixing Experiment
Rainbow Grid Game
Rainbow Preschool Songs
Rainbow Fizzing "Easter" Eggs
Rainbow, Sparkly & Fizzy
Rainbow Cupcakes
Rainbow Volcano
Rainbows With Straws
Rainbow Foam Magic
Rainbow Pumpkin
Rainbow Breakfast Printable {FREE}
Rainbow Cake
Rainbow Colored Pasta Beading
Recycled Materials Crafts & Projects for Kids
Rocks Unit {with FREE printables}
Rock Bugs
Rock Painting
Roman Road Project
Rainforest {Tropical} Plants & Animal Cards {FREE}
Rubber Band Sling Shot Car
Robot Shape Stomp
Rope Swing
Rain Water Collection

Powerful Sun Science Experiment
Sparkly Slime Science: Chemistry for Kids
S is for Seahorse Dot Page {FREE}
Sunflower Art Project
Sunflower Activity Collection
Sedimentary Rocks Lesson
Soil & Rocks Lesson
Sedimentary Rock STEM
Sand Castle STEM Challenge
Snowflake Ornament
Solar System With Candy
Space Sand
Spider Lapbook {FREE}
Spider Pinata
Superhero Cityscape Art Project
Sound Science Experiments
Seed Planting
Seed Dissection With Bean Seeds
Straw Rockets
Sparkly Shamrock Dough
St. Patrick's Day Patterns {FREE}
St. Patrick's Day Craft & Writing
St. Patrick's Day Preschool Packet {FREE}
St. Patrick's Day Necklace
Snow Dough ~ Fizzy
"Snow" Sensory Fun
Snowman Craft with Paper Towel Rolls
Snowman with Cotton Balls
Snowman File Folder Game {FREE}
Snowflake (6 sided) Craft
Snowflake (GIANT Snowflake) Craft
Sand Sensory Play
Squishy Stress Balls
Salt Water & Fresh Water Experiment
Sports Grid Game {FREE}
Sports Hide & Seek Graphing
Snail Anatomy & Habitat
Seasons Art
Spider With Pipe Cleaners
Spider Web Catching
Soap Boats Science & History
Secret Messages
Sponge Painting for Valentines
Superhero Scarecrow {FREE} Game
Seuss-Inspired Snack
Sharks I Can Count to 10 {FREE}
Shark Floating Experiment 1 (fins)
Sharks Floating Experiment 2 (liver)
String Painting Art

T is for Tiger Dot Page {FREE}
Thunder Science Experiment
Turtle STEM Challenge
Tile Prints
Truck is Stuck Drama Play
Train Challenge Activity
Trains for Math
Train Patterns {FREE}
Turkey Craft
Thanksgiving Tree
Turkey Bowl
Thanksgiving Which One is Different? Cards {FREE}
Thanksgiving File Folder Games {FREE}
Thanksgiving Corn Experiment
Thanksgiving Pilgrim Easy Reader {FREE}
Thanksgiving Preschool Packet {Paid Product}
Thanksgiving Turkey Craft
Tape Resist Painting

U is for Umbrella Bird Dot Page {FREE}
U is for Underground Scavenger Hunt & {FREE} Printable
Umbrella, The - Inspired Preschool Science

V is for Vampire Bat Dot Page {FREE}
Valentine Math Games {FREE Printable}
Valentine Candy Math
Valentine Shadow Matching {FREE}
Valentine Card ~ Pop Up
Valentines Heart Pocket Craft
Valentines Art Project with Mixed Media
Volcano Experiments & New Zealand
Vinegar-Free Volcano

W is for Worm Dot Page {FREE}
W is for Whale {Measuring Activities}
Weather Science Experiment: Warm and Cold Fronts
Weather Imaginative Play
Wild Things Play Dough
Wormery Project
Worm Anatomy
Wiggly Eye Math
Water in Plants Botany Lesson

X is for X-Ray Fish Dot Page {FREE}
X-Rays Craft
X-Rays With Preschoolers
Letter X Day

Y is for Yak Dot Page {FREE}
Y is for Yellow Photography
Yogurt Flowers & Butterflies

Z is for Zebra Dot Page {FREE}
Zebra Art Project

Learning Letters With Cars
Ice Pen Letter Learning
LEGO Spelling
DIY Letter Labels

Happy Educating, Carla
I may share at any of these parties!

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