Saturday, August 20, 2016

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My Secret Weapon for Sticky Fingers & ALDI Little Journey Baby Line!

You know that moment when your baby or preschooler has been eating crackers, and then they turn to you with a smile and give you a huge hug?! I'm always happy for a hug, but then I look down at my shoulder and see the remnants of post-cracker kid hug on my sleeve, and wonder if I should have been wearing full body armour! Luckily, I have a secret weapon that I pull out whenever my preschoolers make a mess or my baby feeds herself or my kids help cook or my sleeve gets... well, any time we have a mess! Have you guessed what it is?

You might use it too... my secret weapon for preschool, toddler, and baby messes is... {drumroll}  baby wipes!!  You can clean off wet crackers like they were never there, and then it just takes a few minutes for the sleeve to dry! Did you know? Give it a'll love it!

Aaaaand, I have a new favorite brand of baby wipes!! Since baby wipes are such an important part of my sanity-saving protocol, I am very excited to share this discovery with you! There are three very important things that I look for in baby wipes: they need to be strong, thick, and have good ingredients, and these new baby wipes win in every category! Are you curious where I found them?  I'll tell you: ALDI!!

ALDI has recently released a new line of baby and toddler products, Little Journey, and I have absolutely fallen in love with the Little Journey Thick Quilted Baby Wipes! They are thick and strong enough that I can use them on any mess, and still soft and gentle enough that I can use them on my baby too! (I love that they are alcohol free, hypoallergenic, and have aloe and chamomile too!) I don't mean to sound like a commercial, but I am so excited to have a new "secret weapon" as I clean messy fingers...and the things they touch!

ALDI knows that every child and parent has a different "little journey," so they developed this line of over 50 products to meet the huge variety of toddlers and babies. And I've found that many of the products are also wonderful for preschoolers!

I already told you about the wipes. I also really love the Little Journey Diapers. This surprised me because I already had a brand of diapers and wipes that I loved, but I am replacing them with the wipes and diapers from ALDI.  That's how much I love them. I also love that it saves me several dollars on every package of diapers and wipes I buy! (Prices and availability may vary.)

We had a delightful time exploring ALDI too! ALDI is known for bringing parents the highest quality products for the lowest prices, and the Little Journey line is no exception! Here are a few highlights from our trip:

1- Check out this shopping cart! I LOVE when I can put my preschooler and baby in the front of the cart. (They were pretty excited to get inside the store too!)

2- The Little Journey Displays: Besides basics for young children (like wipes, diapers, and snacks), we found all sorts of fun toys and baby/toddler/preschooler supplies. There were plate settings, high chairs, toys, books, and more!

3- New snacks!! My baby is old enough that she really wants to eat the same snacks as our preschoolers, but I'm still really careful with what she eats. These Little Journey Baby Food Purees are her new favorite. The "older kids" love them because they taste so good, and the baby loves getting to eat with them too. I love the ingredients and the lack of added sugar. Her favorite flavors are Prune Apple Butternut Squash With Quinoa and Apple Carrot.

These Little Journey Baby Puffs have been popular with my baby, preschoolers, and even my oldest daughter! It's so nice to have a snack you can hand out to everyone! Flavored with fruit juice, easy to eat, easy to serve...yes, another new favorite from ALDI!

4- New Little Journey Nuby Sippy Cup! This kid loves sippy cups! They're appropriate for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, and their anti-leak lids cut down on the messes and spills! This new one  has now served her at meals, snacks, in the running stroller, and in the car. We all love it!

While we were at ALDI we also picked up some groceries, fresh bread, and a bathroom shelf! I also bought a two-week supply of baby wipes! I was originally excited about this project to learn more about Little Journey, but I never dreamed how much I would fall in love with the Little Journey Thick Quilted Baby Wipes. They are wonderful!

My kids also had a lot of fun bagging their own groceries, and I appreciated that the ALDI store model encourages us to recycle and use other Earth-friendly habits.

You can get to know ALDI and the Little Journey line more by visiting a store or visiting them online! You can find them at the Little Journey Website, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

What is your favorite sticky finger, post-cracker, dangerous hug solution? I always love hearing from you!!

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by ALDI via Momtrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of ALDI or Momtrends. 

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