Thursday, September 15, 2016

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Rainstorm Yarn Painting Preschool Process Art

Process art is my favorite kind of art activity for young preschoolers! It's wonderful for older kids too, but I love how younger children can use it to create and explore without any pressure to make a final product look any particular way. When they finish, they can all love their work!

We used process art with yarn and paint to make a rainstorm!  All you need is paint, yarn, and paper.  Here's the easy "how to:"

1- Cut 3-6 pieces of yarn that are about 10 inches long and squirt some paint on a plate for each child.

2- Dip the yarn in the paint! We used stormy colors like blue, white, and black!

3- Fold your paper in half and spread the yarn across one half so the ends poke out at the bottom.

4- Fold the paper in half so the yarn is covered. Place one hand on top of the paper and yarn to hold everything still while you use the other hand to pull the yarn out of the paper. Open it up to see what kind of exciting symmetrical rain has covered your page!

5- Use your fingers to add a stormy raincloud!

6- Play in the paint...

7- I had one kiddo add bolts of lightning to her storm and another add extra colors. I like to let them personalize them with whatever they want (within reason, lol!):

8- I love how unique they all turned out, and that everyone could love their own work.

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