Friday, September 30, 2016

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Sparkly Leaves Garland ~ Preschool Leaf Art

"Are we going to paint today?" my preschooler asked this morning. If she had found out what we were going to paint at that point, she would have been too excited to finish breakfast! I couldn't tell her, though, because - at that point - I didn't know either! I did know better than to disappoint her at the start of the day, so I kept my answer simple:

"Yep! Of course we'll paint today!"

My little princess loves to paint so much she would do it twice a day if I let her. On days when we're home I usually try to make sure she gets to paint at least once, and I knew we'd be home most of the day today. I did not know we would be doing this painting activity until we were outside.

Today was the first day all fall where the weather and our schedules were so perfect that we spent a couple hours playing outside! The kids explored everything from leaves to the stuff in the garage (that desperately needs organizing again). As a pile of HUGE dried leaves blew across the sidewalk, I realized exactly what we would be painting today!

The supplies are simple, but the result is really stunning...everyone loves our sparkly little leaf garland!

Simple Supplies: big leaves, paint, glitter, string or ribbon

We used acrylic paint and plastic ribbon, and it worked perfectly!

Easy How To:

1- Let your kiddos gather big leaves from outside.

2- Provide them with paints and brushes and let them get busy! Painting leaves is a TON of fun!
If you're feeling really brave, you can just set out the glitter too, but I like to help a little with that!

I'll be honest...I had to try this out! It turns out that painting leaves is incredibly fun!

3- Tie the leaves together and hang them up!

Ta da! Fun fall art that incorporates the outdoors, process art, leaves, and glitter! What more could any glitter-loving child ask for?!

Wait...I know! A book to go with her art project!! We've been reading leaf books this week, and have especially enjoyed some by Lois Ehlert. Try Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf  (affiliate link below) for some fall fun with your leaf painting!

Have you painted leaves yet?

Are you looking for more preschool leaf activities? Check out my free preschool leaf theme!

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