Saturday, December 10, 2016

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North Pole Train Game {FREE} Preschool Game

I'm just going to say this now: playing this North Pole Train Game makes me happy! Luckily my preschoolers are loving it too!

Orinally, I made it to go with the book Polar Express because we've been reading it a lot lately, but you could totally play it any time you're working on a train unit or train theme...or just for fun because you have a kiddo that loves trains.  :)  

It is perfect for working on counting and number recognition skills.

It is bright and friendly and easy to figure out...I actually set it out on a counter and my son came and started playing it all by himself! Later he was delighted to play with a group.

All you need to do to set up is place the game board on a counter or in a manilla folder (I love folder games!). Cut out the train playing pieces and cards. You will probably want to print one sheet of cards for each player. Alternatively, you can just re-shuffle the cards every time you use them up.  :)

You can make your train pieces stand up by cutting a small slit in the bottom of the train and fitting another piece of cardstock inside it.

To play, put all the pieces on the train at the beginning of the track. Take turns drawing a card and moving your train the number of tracks indicated by the card. If you get a red card, move backward!

Everyone wins when all the trains are visiting Santa at the North Pole!

You can even use "real" toy trains as your playing pieces instead of the trains included in the printable!

Conductor, train, Santa, and track clipart is by Doodlin Darlin and used with permission.

We love the Polar Express! We made these bell ornaments to go with it also and will be sharing an awesome Polar Express themed sensory bin next week!

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This is part of my HUGE series of holiday and winter printables that I am offering this month...It's my Christmas present to you! I'll be putting up a new printable every day until Christmas -- you can find them all HERE! They are all a little different -- some are only one page, some are more, some focus on math skills, some focus on reading skills, some are holiday themed, some are Christmas themed, etc! But, they are all FREE and I hope you love them!!

Happy Educating,

Happy Educating,

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