Thursday, January 5, 2017


Action Rhymes for Kids: Be a Train!

Action rhymes for kids have become a super important part of our preschool day, so I am working on writing some for all of our most popular themes! Today's rhyme is all about being a train!


This action rhyme is perfect for a train theme, but also works like magic on cold days when your kids have lots of energy, but are stuck inside! If the weather is nice, you can go outside and do it!

Rhyming with kids is a great pre-reading activity because it helps train your kids' minds to hear rhymes (and recognize word families). I like adding in action-filled rhymes for kids because when their bodies are moving their minds actually work better!

After doing this train themed rhyme, try a train craft, a train snack, or crazy train challenge!

Action Rhymes for Kids:

Be a Train

Raise your hands like a tall smoke stack,
(raise hands high into the air)
Then jump like smoke coming down the track.
(jump up and down)

Open your arms wide like a train car door,
(spread arms wide)
Then close them up, and touch the floor -
(cross arms over chest, then bend down and touch the floor)

Now put your head down by your heels,
(prepare for a somersault)
And roll away like the big train wheels!
(roll away, and call "Choo Choo!" as you go!)

If you're looking for more action rhymes for kids, check out these: I'm a Big, Big Bear and Construction Trucks action rhymes for kids! 

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teach prek said...

This will be great for my transportation unit! I know my kids will lOVE it! Thanks for sharing

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Yes, it would go great with a Transportation theme! My kids love any excuse to roll somersaults, lol!