Monday, May 8, 2017


{FREE} Preschool STEM Camp!

I am so excited about our summer Preschool Storybook STEM Camp!!

It won't start until next month, but I just cannot wait any longer to share the details with you!!  Plus, I like to make sure we have our supplies in advance, so I thought sharing a supply and book list with a few weeks early wouldn't hurt either.

Preschoolers are some of the most capable, creative, and clever people around--it's no wonder that they love STEM activities! I decided to give our preschoolers a chance to explore, investigate, and create this summer with a preschool STEM camp. Like anything we do with preschoolers, literacy is a central part of each lesson plan--the activities all tie in to some fantastic picture books!

I will be sharing each day of the "camp" as a weekly blog post here at Preschool Powol Packets. Then I will link each blog post to THIS PAGE!! Be sure to bookmark or pin this page so you will have all five lessons in a convenient spot!

Here is the schedule for the DIY

Preschool STEM Summer Camp:

(This is also where I will link each lesson!)

Are you getting excited?!!

I get more excited every time I look at our themes!!

What supplies will you need? 

VERY simple ones!! Here is the complete list (books first, then other supplies):

Books (All images are Amazon Affiliate Links):

Iggy Peck, Architect, The Noisy Paintbox, The Most Magnificent Thing, I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean, and That's not My Robot

Other Supplies (per child):

Week 1: building blocks, sugar cubes, glue or frosting, cardboard squre (cut out to about 7"), paper plates, optional: butcher paper to cover work space

Week 2: black construction paper, white chalk, a lamp, tape, small flashlight, watercolor paints, a thin canvas (or watercolor paper placed on top of cardboard), vinegar, baking soda, pan, blue & green food coloring, salt, scissors, pipettes. Optional: small, hard ocean animals

Week 3: Velcro, slinky, play doh, Random art supplies. Suggestions: cardboard boxes, paper cups, egg cartons, paper plates, feathers, wiggly eyes, pompoms, paint, pipecleaners. Note: velcro, slinky, and play doh are optional, but will make the discussion more fun!

Week 4:  balloons, water, canvas (or watercolor paper placed on top of cardboard), crayons, hand cheese grater, oven, paint, yarn, ruler or yardstick

Week 5: Squishy Circuits set (or wires, batteries, and lights), cardstock, fastener brads, scissors, wiggly eyes, dowel stick, scissors, art supplies (stickers, feathers, fuzzy sticks pompoms, markers, etc.)

Well, that is all for now! You will get the rest week by week in June!! I cannot wait!!

Please share this with your friends and family...I would LOVE to have lots of people joining in!!

PS. If you already love STEM and cannot wait to get started on some fun projects, here are some other STEM activities we've already done...and loved!!

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Happy Educating,

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Unknown said...

Do you happen to have the links for days 3 and 5? Planning a STEM Camp for June and this is fantastic!

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Hi Amy! I actually just had a baby and need to catch up on quite a few projects! Finishing those posts is on my to-do list! In the mean time here's a brief over view...I hope it helps, and I will link to the new posts as soon as they're up!

On Day 3 we read The Most Magnificent Thing and used art & craft supplies to make anything the kids wanted!

On Day 5 we read That's Not My Robot, learned about circuit basics with Squishy Circuits, and made "robots" with paper cups, wiggly eyes, and craft supplies.

Let me know if there's anything else I can help with!