Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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{FREE} Antarctic Animals BINGO

Learn about what animals live in Antarctica with this {FREE} Antarctic Animals BINGO game!

Play with your family during winter break or your students as part of a winter theme, polar animals theme, or Antarctica theme!

What lives in Antarctica?

What lives in Antarctica? Actually, a lot! As you play you will meet a lot of birds--everything from penguins to a wandering albatross (who has an 8+ foot wingspan)! You will also see whales, seals, and even invertebrates!

As we play, I love to point out geography on a map or globe and common misconceptions. For example, Antarctica has a climate very similar to the Arctic, but there are no penguins in the arctic and no polar bears in the antarctic!

In addition to BINGO-style games, you can cut up the cards and make a set of memory cards or play Old-Maid-style games too! These are fun to use to learn about what lives in Antarctica, and how that is different than the animals that live in most places we normally visit!

To play like BINGO, decide if your kiddos have attention spans for the 9- or 16-square cards, and give one to each child. There are four different 9-square cards and 6 different 16-square cards -- if you have more players, print a "blank" board for each child also, and let your children cut up the pictures and paste them onto the blank board to make their own unique playing cards.

All the animals in the game live in Antarctica or the waters around Antarctica. Some live in additional places too. For example, you can find elephant seals in Antarctica and along the coast of California, though they do have some differences. Macaroni penguins live on the tip of Antarctica, in the waters around the continent, and on the tip of South America.

So...let's get to the game!

Antarctic Animals BINGO:

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