Saturday, September 22, 2018

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{FREE} Preschool Leaves Shadow Matching

The first time we went to a park here in Virginia we were surrounded by huge trees with gorgeous leaves...and we didn't know what they were! It took us a few minutes to figure out...but I am including it in this fantastic leaves shadow matching freebie for you! It is perfect to help your preschooler (or any aged kiddo...or adult!) learn to recognize some common tree names and leaves!

There are 10 pictures of real leaves and their matching shadows (technically silhouettes)...

Do you know them all?

They are all common in Virginia, but most of them occur all throughout the United States. Of course the one that was at that park is less common in Houston, where we lived before Virginia!

The 10 leaves include the following:

American Beech
White Elm
White Pine
Honey Locust
White Oak
River Birch
Tuliptree / Yellow Poplar

I printed them on normal paper and then "mounted" them on construction paper so that we could play memory/matching games with them easily.

You can also sort them, put them in a science center, pop a hole on each one and string them onto a keyring...or anything else you want! They are perfect for Montessori bins!

Our older kids have used them for matching and identifying trees and even our toddlers  enjoyed matching the shadows!

Do you have a favorite tree? Do you have a guess which one we discovered grows naturally in Virginia, but not in the western United States? It was the American Beech! Such a cool tree! Do you have one near you?

Are you doing a FALL or LEAVES theme?  Be sure to check out our leaf activities for preschoolers!!

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