Saturday, December 22, 2018

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CCEI Review

Have you ever wanted to take a class to learn more about teaching young children? Or are you an early childhood educator who needs professional development? If the answer to either of these questions is "Yes!" you will want to learn more about ChildCare Education Institute.

I remember one time when I was getting ready to renew my teaching license I needed to find 15 credit hours of professional development before I could submit my license renewal. The first place I went was the internet...I wanted to find a class that I could take online.

ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI)

ChildCare Education Institute, or CCEI, provides over 150 courses in English and Spanish that are all online! These nationally accredited and high-quality classes include a huge array of topics, from topics like Active Learning in Early Childhood, Poetry & Nursery Rhymes for Young Children, Trouble-Free Transitions, Positive Guidance 3: The Terrific Two's and Robotics for Early Childhood! And they add 30 hours of course content per year! There are courses and certifications for teachers, directors, daycare providers, Head-Start leaders, After-School teachers, and anyone who has an interest in teaching young children...even homeschooling parents would love many of their courses! 

I always wonder if online schools are accredited, so I looked up their credentials for you. ;) They have several accreditations and authorizations:
    * CCEI is a Council for Professional Recognition CDA Gold Standard Comprehensive training provider,
    * CCEI is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commision (DEAC), and 
    * CCEI is accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). 

They have courses that will meet CDA requirements for licensing, Head Start, Director, and Early Childhood Credentials. They also have articulation programs that will articulate courses you take with them into BA and AA degree programs from several universities! You can also get IACET CEU's for no additional cost!

They have already graduated over 12,000 early childhood professionals with CDA's and other certificate programs. Courses and certification programs at CCEI are all online and available day or night...and more than 4.4 million course hours have been completed by thousands of CCEI alumni!

CCEI is set up so that you can either buy an annual individual or center-based training subscription and take unlimited courses for the year or simply pay for the courses you are interested in. I'll be highlighting a few courses in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to watch for those!

The courses are easy to find and navigate. Once you log in to the system there are options on the left hand side of the screen to find courses and certifications, access current courses and certifications, and obtain certificates of course completions for IACET CEU credits earned. 

The courses themselves are structured with "slides" that you navigate through with "next" and "back" buttons. 

There are occasional reflective questions that you type an answer for, multiple choice questions that you must answer correctly to continue, and videos. At the end of the course is a final that you must pass with at least 70% correct to get the completion certificate.

You can stop at any point during the course and the system saves the last slide you were on so you can easily pick up again where you left off. The final needs to be completed in one sitting, but you can retake it if it times out while you go and get a snack. ;)

After you pass a course, you get a downloadable, printable certificate like this one:

My experience with ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) has been extremely positive, and I am very happy to recommend them to anyone looking for super convenient, online professional development courses and certifications designed for early childhood educators.

Be sure to watch for my discussion about their courses on Literacy Through Nursery Rhymes & Poetry, Active Learning in Early Childhood, and Age Appropriate Activities for Infants & Toddlers!

This post is sponsored by ChildCare Education Institute. All opinions are mine--you know I only share resources and products I think you will love!

Happy Educating,

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