Saturday, January 5, 2019

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Arctic Animals Preschool Activities Theme

This Arctic Animals Preschool Theme has everything preschoolers love about the frigid north polar region, including arctic animal science, marine science, letter-learning activities, math fun, and more!

We are starting out our year with an Arctic Animals theme!

Of course, we've done this before, so I'm gathering up all our arctic animal preschool activities, and putting them here! 

I'm not including any penguin activities in this collection, partly because they live in the antarctic (not arctic) and partly because you can find them all HERE!

I'll be adding some more in soon--I have some new projects planned already! (We'll also be doing some of our "old" favorites too--the polar bear STEM exploration is fantastic!!)

Let me know your favorites!

Arctic Animals Preschool Theme

Arctic Animals Science


Reindeer Toothpaste (Note: This was originally published as a Christmas activity, but since reindeer {also known as caribou} live in the arctic year-round, it seems appropriate to include it in this Arctic Animals Theme!)

Arctic Animals Math

Arctic Animals Measurement Activity

**Polar Bear Preschool Packet below has 6 math activities in it!!**
**Awesome Arctic Animals Packet below has 2 math activities in it!!**

Arctic Animals Letter Learning & Literacy


Arctic Animals Arts & Crafts


More Arctic Animal Fun


I hope you have a fantastic time with your Arctic Animals theme! Let me know if you have a favorite activity I should include!!

Happy Educating,

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