Friday, June 12, 2020

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Dinosaur Alphabet Stomp: A Letter Game - Free Preschool Activities

Today's Dinosaur Alphabet Stomp game might be my favorite part of the celebration of my new book A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze & the annual 10 Days of Tips for Homeschoolers! It's such a fun and engaging way to review or learn letters!

Dinosaur alphabet stomp - a letter game for preschoolers

This is the 5th activity in my 10-day Preschool Dinosaur Activities series! Check out the rest HERE (there's also a gift card giveaway in that post--scroll to the bottom for details)!!

Here are a few reasons why I love this game:

* It is SUPER FUN!! (I know it sounds silly, but learning is SO much easier when kids are having fun!)

* It uses your preschoolers' WHOLE BODY! This gross motor development activates more parts of their brain, which means they will remember the activity (and letters!) better!

* It strengthens skills that are important for early reading AND early math!

* And, of course, it has DINOSAURS! ;) 

This printable activity includes 26 dinosaurs holding each capital letter and 26 dinosaurs holding each lower case letter! 

Here's How to Play:

1- Print the letters you're working on. If your preschoolers are not unusually gentle, I'd suggest laminating them too. ;)  Generally I suggest using 5 letters your kids already know well and introducing 1-2 new ones at a time.

2- Scatter the dinosaur letters on the floor.

3- Call out a letter, and let your preschoolers "stomp" on it!

There are really an endless way to mix up the game or use the dinosaur letters for other activities!

Here are a few ideas:

1- Play music and tell your kids to stand on a letter in their name when you stop the song!

2- Print the letters in your preschooler's name and let them glue them on to paper.

3- Place 2-3 letters on a table (one table for each letter) and gather things that start with that letter. Place them on the correct table!

4- Use a flyswatter instead of a stomp! Place the letters you're working on the table and let your kids swat them when you say them!

5- Flip them upside down and match the uppercase letters to the lowercase letters in a memory game!

A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze Book

The link for the free preschool dinosaur activity is below!

First, I want to share my new book with you! This is my first picture book! It combines silly characters with rock cycle science--it is both fun to read out loud and fun to look at the pictures! I would love to invite YOU to JOIN ME in its first hardcover print run! You can learn more (and see some of the inside pages!) HERE! Let me know if you have any questions--I am SUPER excited about this!! <3 


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