Friday, June 19, 2020

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Find the Hidden Dinosaurs: Free Preschool Activity

I am super excited about this dinosaur activity because I think my preschoolers will love it! To celebrate my new book, A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze, I am sharing loads of FREE dinosaur activities, and today it is a "Find the Hidden Dinosaurs" activity!!

find the hidden dinosaurs

This is the eighth activity in my 10-day Preschool Dinosaur Activities series! Check out the rest HERE (there's also a gift card giveaway in that post--scroll to the bottom for details)!!

This printable activity is kind of like playing hide-n-seek on paper!

As your preschoolers find the number of each dinosaur, they can write it in the box at the bottom near the dinosaur. Or, if they aren't writing numbers yet, they can make tally marks or dots!

I should probably make one quick note here--pterosaurs are technically not dinosaurs, but they lived during the same time and are such fun animals, that I tossed one in. Flying reptiles? Yes. Dinosaurs. No. :) But then, the trees aren't dinosaurs either. ;) 

A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze Book

The link for the free preschool dinosaur activity is below!

First, I want to share my new book with you! This is my first picture book--I have literally wanted to write this for 14 years! It combines silly characters with rock cycle science--it is both fun to read out loud and fun to look at the pictures! I would love to invite YOU to JOIN ME in its first hardcover print run! You can learn more (and see some of the inside pages!) HERE! Let me know if you have any questions--I am SUPER excited about this!! <3 


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