Saturday, January 16, 2016

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Polar Bear Science Experiment STEM

It's Polar Bear Science Experiment Time!! This science project explores cold and insulators to understand better how bears survive and thrive in the frigid arctic!  Awesome science and STEM for preschoolers and older kids!

Temperatures in the arctic are often below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit) for months at a time, and yet the amazing polar bears continue to hunt, eat, and sleep like normal all year round!  Polar bear's internal body temperature is the same as our's--a balmy 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit!  Two of their heat-conserving tricks include thick layers of insulating of fur and blubber (or fat).  The blubber can be more than four inches thick!  Try this STEM science experiment to get a better idea of how blubber helps insulate polar bears and other arctic animals!

Simple Supplies:

* freezer baggies
* elastic bands
* shortening
* other "insulators"
* stop-watches
* large pan full of ice water

Easy How To:

1- Place your hand inside one of the baggies and use an elastic band to make it air/water tight.

2- Fill another baggie with shortening, and place your baggie-covered hand inside the shortening.  Secure the shortening-filled baggie to your hand with an elastic as well.  This represents the blubber on a polar bear.

3- Place your polar bear hand and your "normal" hand in the ice water.  Can you feel a difference in temperature?

4- Have a friend use a stop-watch or other timer to see how long you can comfortably leave each hand in the water.

5- Repeat the experiment using other insulators in plastic baggies.  Compare the time you can comfortably leave your hand in the ice water with each material!

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Happy Educating, Carla

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