Saturday, January 30, 2021

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Preschool Penguin Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Penguins

Are you looking for a fun preschool penguin craft? I have a couple preschoolers who would like to make something every day, and these little penguins were perfect!

Honestly, the prep for this was so easy that I did it while the kids watched!

Preschool Penguin Craft:


1- Toilet paper tubes (or paper towel cardboard tubes cut in half)

2- White paper

3- Black paint

4- White paper

5- Glue (I used hot glue, but if you're more patient, you can use school or craft glue)

6- Markers (optional)

How to Make the Preschool Penguins:

1- Let the kids paint the toilet paper tubes black.

2- Cut out belly, wing/arms, feet, and eyes from the white paper. I actually was going to use wiggly eyes, but I couldn't find them when we sat down. So, I just kept cutting pieces!

3- Let your preschoolers paint or color with markers the wings/arms, feet, eyes, and/or belly! My kids used different colors, decorated the bellies, and designed the expressions! When they're done, glue the penguins together, and play!

That's it! Super easy, adorable, and customizable penguins!

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