Monday, May 10, 2021

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Rock Painting - Day 1 - Preschool Dinosaur Summer Camp (or Unit Study)

The second activity in our first day of our little preschool dinosaur summer camp is painting some of those rocks you just collected! 

Preschool Dinosaur Summer Camp (or Unit Study)

Day 1

You can see the 4-day outline for our DIY preK summer camp here!  

The second activity is rock painting!

If you didn't find any rocks you wanted to paint, you can always get stones from a garden shop or craft store.

We have found that acrylic paints work best for painting on rocks, but they also work really well for painting on clothes! Since they will stain any clothes they get on, I like to make sure the kids are wearing clothes that I'm 100% happy with getting paint on! 

I like to give them total creative freedom on activities like this! Sometimes they put cool designs on the rocks, sometimes they paint a solid color, sometimes they write things, and sometimes they paint scenes or other pictures!

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While they paint we can talk about what they're working on, how dinosaur bones turned into rocks over many years, and some of the things we can learn from bones and fossils. Here are a few fun facts that might come up:

* Fossils can tell us what kinds of food dinosaurs ate!
* Fossils can tell us how big the dinosaurs were!
* The last big dinosaurs died about 65 million years ago.
* Birds have all the same bone structure "requirements" to be a dinosaur that the ancient dinosaurs had!
* When we first found T. Rex bones, there were no finger bones available. Scientists guessed that T. Rex had 3 fingers on each hand because other large carnivores we'd found had 3 fingers on each hand. Decades later, we found a T. Rex fossil that had hand bones available, and we learned that T. Rex actually only had 2 fingers on each hand!

After you paint rocks, go back to this outline for more activities for the first day of the Preschool Dinosaur Summer Camp!

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