Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Community Helpers Preschool Writing Activity Sheets

Today I have some adorable community-helper themed activity pages for older preschoolers!

Actually, they're great for any age (preschool or kindergarten) that likes to write or draw!

I've always been passionate that younger preschoolers should not be "burdened" with writing--they should be allowed to explore it whenever they want. I still believe this, but as I've got older I've met several very young preschoolers who love writing and drawing. It's definitely less-common to see a 3-year old holding a pencil like a 7-year old, but it totally happens! And there are lots of 3-year olds who will love coloring all over these pages with no regard for lines or letters...and that is absolutely fantastic too!

So, what's in this little packet? There are five community helpers with names to trace, and things to circle: Baker, Fire Fighter, Police, Doctor, and Construction Worker. There's also a page to add any other community helpers you might know!

If that sounds like something your kids would love,

I'd love to know how you use it! You can tag me on Facebook at PreschoolPowolPackets or on Instagram @Carla.Mae.Jansen

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