Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Bubble Spider Webs!!

Using bubbles to make spider webs creates unique experience-focused art projects and gives your kids permission to actually blow bubbles in their cups!

First, let's look at some Fun Spider Web Facts:
  • Some spider webs are symmetrical, some are not.  Some are very messy!  
  • Some spiders do not build webs, but hunt their prey instead.
  • Some spider webs seem to go across rivers or other places the spider could not have possibly stretched.  To start building these webs, a spider will set loose a long "tail" of silk.  The wind will carry it across the river (or other obstacle) until it sticks to something on the other side.
  • Sometimes thousands of spiders work together to build a huge web.  Check out this article about a time when thousands of spiders built a web together in Texas in 2009.
Also, this post is part of our Bubbles! mini-series!  Click HERE for Bubble Science With Pumpkins and be sure to check back again for more bubble fun!!

Here's the easy How-to for your own Bubble Spider Webs (and click HERE for a quick How-to for the pipe cleaner spiders!):

Simple Supplies:

  • paper plates
  • black paint
  • water
  • liquid dish soap
  • paper cups
  • straws

Easy How-to:

1- Squeeze 2-3 tablespoons black paint into the paper cup.  Add just enough water to make it runny (about a 1-2 tablespoons).  Add a big squirt of dish soap.

2- Let your children blow bubbles!

3- When you have a nice mound (like the picture above), press a paper plate into the bubbles to print a "web" on it!

4- Repeat as much as you like!

Our youngest preschoolers "painted" their webs with the straw so they did not suck up paint.  As with all projects, please be mindful of your children's abilities and do not give them a project that is dangerous to them.

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Ashley said...

These are super cute! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library; featured you this week!