Friday, November 22, 2013

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A BIG Thanksgiving Tree!

I love that Thanksgiving is a public holiday that reinforces the concept of gratitude, and I love how easy this Thankful Tree made it to take time to talk about what my children have that they are grateful for.  (You can read my recent post about gratitude here.)

We do a different version of a Thankful Tree every year, but I think this may be my favorite yet!  I love the strong visual that this BIG Thankful Tree commands every time we are in the same room with it, and I love how it will fill up with Thanksgiving Leaves.

Simple Supplies:
  • brown packing paper (we recycled this from a package that came in the mail recently!)
  • colored construction paper
  • masking tape
  • markers and scissors

Easy How-to:

1.  Twist, wrap, and bend the brown packing paper into a tree shape.
2.  Tape the tree onto a wall or door using masking tape.

3.  Cut leaf shapes out of the colored construction paper.  I used 1/4 sheet for each leaf and am very happy with the size.
4.  Let your children (and help the younger ones!) write something they are thankful for on each leaf and tape the leaves to the tree.  Repeat this step each day until Thanksgiving!

How do you teach thankfulness and gratitude with your children?  I'd love to know!  Feel free to leave a comment or stop by Facebook and tell us there!

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Happy Educating, Carla

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