Monday, December 2, 2013

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Sandpaper Christmas Tree Ornament Kids Craft

These Sandpaper Christmas Tree Ornaments give your children a fabulous texture to color on...just make sure they aren't coloring on top of your nicely-finished table!

Simple Supplies:
  • sandpaper "squares"
  • crayons
  • buttons
  • pompoms
  • glue (we used a "cool" hot glue gun, but you can also use Elmer's glue if you don't mind waiting for it to dry)
  • stapler
  • nail (to pop a hole in the sandpaper)
  • string

Easy How-to:

1.  (In advance!)  Roll the sandpaper up into a cone shape, staple it in place, and trim off extra sandpaper.

2.  Introduce your children to the sandpaper.  Talk about its texture.  How is it different from normal paper?  My children used words like "bumpy," "pokey," and "it feels like sand glued onto paper."  I added in "rough."  Explain that this unique texture will make coloring it a new experience!

3.  Show them the supplies, and encourage them to create a Christmas tree.  We colored the tree with crayons first, and then glued on the buttons and pom poms.

4.  Use a nail to pop two holes near the top of the tree.  Thread your string through the holes to make a hanger.  Or, display the Christmas tree on a counter!  

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