Friday, February 14, 2014

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Happy Valentines Day!! & 15 Ways to Make Today Memorable

We'll be spending today celebrating Valentines Day, but I wanted to take a moment first and thank you for being here!  I love sharing our preschool adventures with you and I truly hope you have found some inspiration while you've been here!  

Still looking for plans?  Here are 15 super easy ways to make today memorable:
  1. Use a heart cookie cutter to make heart-shaped sandwiches.
  2. Cut a bunch of hearts out of paper and tape them up all over your kids room.
  3. Put red food coloring in your milk at lunch.
  4. Find a "Valentines River" and throw rocks in it.  No really!  Take your kids to a river or lake or canal and throw rocks in it!
  5. Go to a park ("Because I love you!").
  6. Decorate sugar cookies.
  7. Dip oatmeal cookies in chocolate.
  8. Put valentines for your kids in the real mailbox outside.  Let them check the mail.
  9. Roast marshmallows over your stove as a valentine treat.
  10. Draw hearts all over a t-shirt with your child.   Or a pair of socks.
  11. Make fancy Valentine boxes.
  12. Draw hearts all over your sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.  Then jump in them.
  13. Use a window marker to draw hearts on your windows.
  14. Do some of the fizzing science experiments in the "Popular Posts" sidebar to the right!
  15. Hang a giant heart on the wall and shoot rubber bands at it.
I love celebrating Valentines with my kids because it is an excuse to remind them how much I love them.  Letting children know they are loved is one of the most important things you can do for their healthy development.  Feel free to use any of these ideas any time of the year to celebrate the short time you have with your beautiful children.  They grow so quickly, and you never know just what activities they will remember. 

I may share at any of these parties!