Monday, March 3, 2014

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Cat in the Hat Sticks Preschool Craft

We made Cat in the Hat Sticks for a preschool craft as part of our Dr. Seuss Party today!  

First of all, the kids loved painting their own cats and hats, and then they were even more excited after the sticks dried when the kids discovered that they had made toys they could play with!  It's the perfect preschool craft.  They even re-enacted scenes from the two cat in the hat books we read today:

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As extra bonuses, making these sticks gave the kids loads of room for personalization, lots of fine motor exercise, a little color mixing experience, and fun materials to work with!

We made our Cat in the Hat Sticks as part of our celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday and Read Across America Day, but you can have fun with Cat in the Hat any time of the year!!  Or, you're always welcome to pin this and come back next March! ;)

To Make Cat in the Hat Sticks:

Simple Supplies:
  • big craft sticks (We used from the package we won from Craft Project Ideas a few months ago!)
  • red, white, and black paint and paintbrushes
  • big white buttons (1-inch worked wonderfully!)
  • glue (School glue or hot glue both work great!)

Easy How-to:

1. Prepare your button heads in advance by painting faces on the big white buttons.

2. Read Cat in the Hat and talk about the pattern on the cat's hat!

3.  Give each child a button face, craft stick, paint, and paint brushes, and let them make their cats!  About half of my kiddos needed help gluing the heads on, but the others did it themselves.  My own 3-year old discovered that he could paint the back of his button and use the paint as glue!

4.  If you're short on time, you can dry them with a hair dryer, but ours dried just fine in about an hour.  Last step:  Play with them!  Or read the stories again and let your children play the cat!

Do you love Dr. Seuss books?!!  We're going to be sharing Dr. Seuss ideas all week, so be sure to check back again!!

I may share at any of these parties!