Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Pin the Tail on the Fox Preschool Game

When my daughter found out I was teaching the Letter "X" for a preschool co-op, she thought for a moment and asked, "Can we play 'Pin the Tail on the Fox?'"

Of course I said, "Yes!"

It was one of the many highlights of our Letter "X" Day!

To make a group game, I drew a freehand fox inspired by CollectiveCreation on a posterboard.  I wrote the word "FOX" by its back to encourage letter and sound recognition, and then cut the fox out.  I used the scrap poster paper to draw a tail.  I traced over the outline with a black marker and colored the fox in with crayons.  Ta da!  Awesome game!

To play with preschoolers, I placed an adult-sized fisherman's hat on each child, gave them a few spins (count out loud as you spin them...this is great number & motion integration!), and pointed them towards the door.  Some of them carefully kept their eyes closed, but many peeked through the bottom of the hat.  Peeking is gives young children confidence to play a game that can get intimidating!  Many of the kids sang their own theme music as they walked "blindfolded" toward the door.  The songs were all very similar (ding da ding ding...).

We also made lots of "x" sounds as we played.  I was careful to introduce only one "x" sound ("x" as in "fox," "box," or "x-ray").  Letters that make two sounds are often confusing to younger children and each sound should be introduced separately.

I am sharing Letter "X" activities all week!  Be sure to check back to get them all!!

I may share at any of these parties!