Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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{FREE} Preschool Sports Grid Game

This sports themed grid game is awesome for counting practice and developing a one-to-one relationship concept, which is vital for learning to read!  Plus, kids love dice!


Download your {FREE} copy of this sports-themed grid game here!

Each player will need their own "board."  To play, roll the dice, count the dots, and cover up the indicated number of pictures with pom poms, pennies, BINGO markers, Cheerios, or even torn paper!  When your board is covered, you win!  Play until everyone wins!

If you want a small group of children to play without competing, print several boards, cut each board out, and tape them together, making a larger playing board.  Each child can roll the dice and cover the sports on the team board.  Everyone wins at the same time!

This week I am sharing all sorts of sports themed crafts, projects, and learning activities!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for more!  

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