Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Pumpkin Train Tunnel

Now is a great time to grab a pumpkin for this super fun and super easy Pumpkin Train Tunnel--our preschoolers thought it was the coolest train track ever!

Inspired by this Hot Wheels Pumpkin Tunnel and the low price tag on pumpkins at this time of year, we created this fantastic Pumpkin Train Tunnel a few days ago!

We actually did it on the grass first:

While that worked, we decided the flat sidewalk would work even better.  And it did!

You can make a Pumpkin Train Tunnel too!

Just cut open a pumpkin and remove the seeds and "guts."  Cut two "doors" on each side of the tunnel and scrape the middle down so it is as flat as possible.

We added a cloth to protect the tracks from the pumpkin, and then the kids started building!

When they finished, I wiped the pumpkin down with bleach water to discourage insects and fungus growth.  We live in Houston and the humidity can rot a pumpkin in amazing time! So far, it's lasted a couple days and is still looking good!

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