Thursday, November 13, 2014

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10 Best Brain Building Toys

Here it list of 10 Best Brain Building Toys!

When I was in college I worked for a company that focused on brain-based education, or teaching children in a way that their brains are designed to learn.  As a parent and teacher, I still get a secret thrill when I watch my kids play with a toy that I know strengthens their cognitive and reasoning skills.  Kids learn so easily when they are having fun!  Every toy on this list focuses and exercises critical cognitive skills like attention, logic, memory, and processing speed while fine-tuning auditory, kinesthetic, and visual sensory processing skills!  When you strengthen their cognitive skills, you are strengthening the same skills they will need to remember new information, analyze data, and learn new skills!

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#1.  Magformers Cruisers Extreme:

These magnetic blocks combine in hundreds of possibilities for creations that can tower, roll, and morph away!

#2.  Gears! Gears! Gears!

Build an animal that crawls, a macine that moves, or anything else you can think of!  The best part?  Your creations can move!

#3.  Spot It! Jr. Animals

Perfect for family game night, this card game is ideal for children and adults!

#4.  Bop It!

Bop it! Pull it! Pass it!  Play by yourself or in a group!

#5.  Marble Run

Basic physics takes on new meaning when you do it with marbles and ramps!

#6. Mini Morphs Snap & Build Dinos

What would a T. Rex look like with a Triceratops arm?  Go ahead and find out! (Note: Each dino comes with its own snapping'll need to get more than one dinosaur if you plan on mixing different dino pieces.)

#7.  Mancala

Math, science, reasoning, and cute jungle-shaped critter pieces!  Perfect for the growing game-loving kiddo!

#8.  Fat Brain Toy Co Dado Squares

Build a box, a tower, or a space ship.  Watch 2-dimensional squares become 3-dimensional sculptures as your mind and hands build a masterpiece!

#9.  Jumbo Dinosaur Set

A set of dinosaurs lets yyour children (and you!) engage in hours of open-ended creative play!  Visit a volcano, hunt food, build a spaceship...your dinos can do anything!  Obviously, if your kiddos are not into dinosaurs, this is not the right toy, but look for something they enjoy that can create open-ended free conversation.

#10.  Jenga!

 Physics + Family Game = Win!  Kids can easily play by themselves, and when the game is over the pieces often morph into building blocks!  Super fun!!

Bonus (because, really, I could go on much longer!)

If your kids are old enough for LEGO sets, then get some!!  :)  They're great for building, math, physics, spacial reasoning, and so much more!

Do you have a favorite brain-building toy?  I'd love to know!!

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